Protect your feet with steel-toed running shoes

By its very nature, driving a truck generally keeps you off your feet. However, that doesn’t mean you can ignore protecting them properly.

The Flint II with steel toe from KeenThe Flint II with steel toe from Keen

After all, few injuries are as painful or even debilitating as one to your foot and especially your toes.  And, while there is much debate among pro truckers about what to wear — and especially what not to wear — it makes sense to protect your feet no matter your shoe of choice.

Keen, the shoe company, offers a variety of shoes that look good and are good for your feet, including running-style shoes with protective toes. The company offers a long list of shoes that protect your toes with steel, aluminum, carbon-fiber, or a non-metal composite.

A good example of the running-style shoe Keen offers is the Flint II model, which features a steel toe. It also has a slip-resistant rubber outsole for added safety.

Like other shoes from Keen, the Flint II is available in a variety of sizes and widths, including hard to find larger sizes like 12.5, 13, 14, and even 15.

Keep in mind, shoes by Keen do not come with bargain-basement prices.  The Flint II costs $130.

However, you only have two feet and it makes sense to take proper care of them, and weigh the cost of good shoes against wages you may lose while rehabilitating a foot injury.