PwrUp Qi mount keeps phone charged, handy

Updated Jun 14, 2020

Few things are as important to today’s professional driver as their smartphone. But, it may as well be a cement block if it’s not properly charged when needed, or if it’s not within reach.

PwrUp Qi Mount by BrackertonPwrUp Qi Mount by Brackerton

The PwrUp Qi Mount by Brackerton provides both easy access and fast wireless charging for all Qi-compliant smartphones and phones with a Qi receiver. These include the iPhone XS, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S8 and S8+ Samsung S7, Samsung Note 5, Nokia Lumina 1520, LG G4, Motorola, Droid Turbo and the Google Nexus 7, among others.

You can choose from either a magnet or clamp mount; both come with an optional vent bracket, making it a truly universal device. The dash mounts feature technology that allows them to stick to smooth or textured surfaces.

The PwrUp Magnet Mount includes strong magnets with easy to apply metal bars, ensuring that you always find the sweet spot for Qi charging, while holding your smartphone in place. The clamp and magnet mount have a fast-charge charger, that gives high levels of current flow to the phone’s battery, to maximize charging efficiency.

With 2.1 amps, it allows for faster, wireless charging.

The PwrUp Magnet Mount retails for $59.99 and the PwrUp Gravity Mount costs $49.99.