New Gear Guide gets you ready for winter and the holidays

Updated Jan 2, 2022

Screen Shot 2021 11 03 At 11 02 47 AmSupply chain congestion or not, two things are for certain:

  1. Winter is (or has in some places) about to arrive
  2. The change of seasons brings with it the holidays

The latest Overdrive and Truckers News Truckers Gear Guide is here and helps you prepare for both. Delivered by the RoadPro Family of brands, the Truckers Gear Guide is loaded not just with the latest gear, but also with a slew of information that will make trucking through this time of year easier and safer. 

Here's what's inside:

  • Veteran owner/operator Henry Albert delivers a video about how to drive safely this time of year
  • A rundown on the latest gear for the holidays
  • Owner/operator Taylor Banker reminds us to say thanks to those who make life easier, better
  • Howes' Rich Guida shares insights into preparing your truck for winter
  • A tasty cab cooking recipe for salmon and another for baked peaches
  • A look at items that may not be essential, but are helpful to have on your truck
  • And talk about essential, RoadPro's Kim McDonnell says thanks for all you do

So, before the snow gets too deep and the wind too chilled, settle in with the new Overdrive and Truckers News Truckers Gear Guide from the RoadPro Family of Brands, and get ready for winter and the holidays.