Latest Gear Guide loaded with tips for safer, more productive driving

Updated Apr 25, 2022

Weather forecasters refer to March 1 as the beginning of "meteorological spring".

The actual first day of Spring is Sunday, March 20.

But, either way, a change is in the offing and the latest Overdrive and Truckers News Truckers Gear Guide from the RoadPro Family of Brands is here to help professional drivers get their trucks and themselves ready for the switch from winter driving to less snow and warmer temperatures ... whenever they arrive.

Screen Shot 2022 03 01 At 9 02 45 AmUntil they do, you have plenty to keep your professional development on track with the Gear Guide that includes stories about:

  • Spring cleaning for your truck and the gear needed to make it easy to do
  • Tips from Hope Zvara on how trucker health issues can lead to distracted driving problems
  • A detailed look at one of the staples of every truck: Bluetooth headsets
  • How one trucker has raised almost $250,000 for kids in need during a Mother's Day convoy in Pennsylvania
  • Enjoying home-style meals -- potato chowder and blueberry pie -- cooked in your truck's cab as you drive
  • Things you ought to be doing to transition your truck from cold to warm weather driving
  • Trucker health tips by Julie Dillon of the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund
  • Gear to carry for spring driving by driver Kenyette Godhigh-Bell
  • The latest in mobile tech gear and gadgets to make life on the road easier

It's still too early to put your cold-weather gear in storage and get out your shorts and sneakers, but the current Overdrive and Truckers News Truckers Gear Guide from the RoadPro Family of Brands can help you make your plans for when nice weather actually gets here.