New two-way dashcam introduced by Rand McNally

Updated Mar 14, 2022

Rand McNally's two-way dashcamRand McNally today launched an advanced a two-way dash camera powered by Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence telematics.

Engineered to improve fleet and driver safety, Rand Video Telematics helps safeguard fleets from fraudulent claims as well as helps reduce collisions and potentially lowers insurance costs. The new camera, part of the Rand Video Telematics solution, is available for shipment and subscription now.

Quick to install and simple to use, the RVT hardware and platform have flexible features to adapt to all sizes and types of fleets, according to the company. The advanced technology on which the platform is built, streamlines alerts for drivers and managers, supplying insights without requiring much time or effort and significantly reducing false alerts.

"Rand McNally's mission is to support fleets and drivers by improving and safeguarding the movement of people and goods," said Rush Akin, Senior Vice President, Rand McNally Fleet Sales. "Rand Video Telematics furthers that mission by providing the absolute best camera option on the market to serve as an extra pair of eyes on the road.”

"We are passionate about safety and making sure every driver gets home safely at the end of the day."

The road-facing camera uses advanced "machine vision" to aid drivers and warn them before collisions may happen. If there is an event, the camera records and saves video, which is automatically uploaded to the cloud for safe storage.

The optional cab-facing camera uses sophisticated intelligence to help improve and most importantly, protect drivers in case of an accident. The AI used in the camera is powered by Surfsight, a Lytx solution. As a result, Rand Video Telematics uses the market-leading database with 120 billion miles of professionally analyzed driving data.

"Alerts for things like distracted driving that aren't true and need to be verified are a waste of time for drivers and for managers," Akin said. "The learning technology on the camera and the superiority of the back-end database, weeds out false alerts. There's no need to spend hours monitoring video or pay an add-on subscription costs for a monitoring service."

The company said its Rand Video Telematics has several useful features unique among in-vehicle cameras.

If privacy is a concern, the device can be used as a roadway-facing dashcam only. The in-cab-facing camera can be disabled and capped, or uniquely, used as a sensor identifying distracted behavior, without video recording.

Also, the roadway-facing camera can live stream video to provide managers with instant access to what's going on at the job site, backups at the yard, and other daily situations.