Rand McNally's: ClearDryve 220: Superior headphones/headsets for drivers

Built for professional drivers, Rand McNally's ClearDryve 220 pairs wirelessly with iOS and Android smartphones for hands-free communication on the road. The Bluetooth-enabled headset allows pro drivers to experience high-quality calls longer with 20 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time. 

Unlike many headsets on the market, the ClearDryve 220 is a premium, over-the-ear, 2-in-1 headphones/headset that delivers high-quality sound with convenient wireless capabilities and driver comfort.

ClearDryve 220’s versatility allows for multi-functional use. You can use it as a mono headset while driving, or easily transform into a pair of world-class stereo headphones. Simply swap the head pad for the second ear cup. Flip the 180-degree boom mic up out of the way when the focus is listening, not talking. This makes the ClearDryve 220 ideal for the trucker who wants to use it to take/make calls while driving, and to stream music, podcast or video when done with work for the day.

The ClearDryve 220 provides healthier listening for you and your callers. Over-the-ear cups provide a tight acoustical seal while active noise cancellation eliminates the need for increased volume in noisy environments. The dual microphone separates your voice from ambient noise so callers only hear you, not exterior sounds.  And, the ClearDryve 220 is engineered to generate high-quality sound for a better listening experience. 

And, the ClearDryve 220:

  • features easy access to audio controls located directly on the ear cup
  • provides voice-activated access to Siri and Google Voice Assistance
  • connects to two devices at once
  • keeps you connected up to 300 feet away
  • delivers all-day comfort with a retractable headband
  • recharges in about two hours
  • is powered by Bluetooth 5.0

The ClearDryve 220 is available online and at travel centers and truck stops for about $249.99.