Diesel Defender guarantees you'll see improved fuel economy

Updated Oct 24, 2022

Given the price of diesel fuel these days, it's important to ensure you get the maximum miles out of every gallon you pump.

Howes Diesel Defender, which uses a proprietary detergent to clean your truck's fuel system and injectors, takes lubricity to the next level adding up to 2.5 times more than previous injector cleaners, and that means better mileage from your truck's engine. In fact, Howes guarantees Diesel Defender will improve your fuel economy by 5 percent, something that's especially helpful these days.

Given today’s ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels, you may wish to consider using an additive like Diesel Defender to get the most lubricity out of every gallon of diesel all the time, reduce potential downtime, and maximize your mileage. This can help protect the investment you or your company has in the truck, and can keep you from a trip-interrupting breakdown.

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Howes Diesel Defender — which contains no alcohol or solvents — improves power, performance, and mileage in several ways. It does all that while making your truck run cleaner. It contains IDX4 detergent that:

  • Cleans injectors
  • Reduces emissions
  • Eliminates harmful deposits
  • Prevents coking
  • Delivers more complete fuel combustion
  • Removes water from your truck's fuel system

Howes Diesel Defender is warranty safe and good for diesel and biodiesel, and is available at travel centers and other locations.