Prepare for winter with Howes Diesel Lifeline

The Old Farmers Almanac has some chilling -- literally --  news about the coming winter. Its forecast includes:

  • Winter temperatures will be colder than normal across much of the country between the East Coast and the Rockies
  • Snowfall will be greater than normal from central New England through northern North Carolina, from the lower Great Lakes and the Ohio and Tennessee valleys into the southern Plains, from the northern Plains into eastern Washington, and across the higher terrain of the southern Rockies and California
  • Freezing temperatures will also bring above-average snow totals to most areas in the eastern U.S. that typically experience snowfall.  

So, it's time to prepare for what's ahead for the next four months or so.

While you can't always avoid bad winter weather, you can protect against some of the problems it can cause for you and your truck.

Fast-acting, easy to use, and alcohol-free, Howes Diesel Lifeline reliquifies gelled fuel, deices frozen fuel filters, and prevents fuel filter icing down to -35 degrees to get you rolling again in about 15 minutes.

Lifeline contains no harmful solvents, is warranty safe and effective in all diesel and biodiesel fuels. It requires no mixing or fuel filter changes.

Available in 32 and 64-ounce sizes, and like other Howes products are available at travel centers and most big box stores.

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