BlueParrott S650-XT headset good when driving and when you're not

Updated Nov 23, 2022

BlueParrott's S650-XT delivers safe, hands-free communications while you're driving as well as superior noise cancellation and voice activation of various features.

And, then when you're done driving for the day and relaxing in your sleeper berth, this BlueParrott headset delivers the sort of stereo sound you expect from headphones designed for listening.

The secret to the S650-XT's successful double life is in the earpads. You use one while driving and can quickly and easily snap the second one in place for when you're listening to your favorite playlist or streaming a movie when the driving day is done.

But, there's much more about the S650-XT than that to make it ideal for the trucking life. Features include:

  • elimination of 96% of background noise so you can hear and be heard properly
  • high-quality stereo sound with both earpads attached
  • 36 hours of talk time
  • 600 hours of standby time
  • 300 feet of wireless connectivity range
  • IP54-rated protection against dust and water
  • BlueParrott Button for customized, one-touch functions
  • voice activation to activate the headset, control calls, get GPS directions
  • pairs seamlessly with iPhone and Android operating systems
  • padded over-the-ear headband for maximum comfort
  • Bluetooth 5.1 allows you to connect to two devices simultaneously
  • over-the-air software updates

The BlueParrott S650-XT is available at travel centers, big box stores, and online for $249.99.

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