An array of Cummins branded products to be introduced in 2023

DAS Companies, Inc., the parent company of the RoadPro Family of Brands, continues to supply the travel center industry to meet the needs of those on the road. DAS looks forward to revealing an array of Cummins- branded DAS products in 2023.

Retail launches for Cummins-branded DAS products in 2023 include power inverters, knives, cellular cables, chargers, mounts, power banks, drinkware, new apparel designs, safety apparel, and coolers.

The cellular supply lineup of chargers, mounts, and power banks has a tentative launch date of Spring 2023.

When you need a cup of coffee or a cold drink of water, you will soon have the option to reach for your Cummins drinkware. A tentative launch date of May/June 2023 is expected for Cummins drinkware.

Stay tuned for more Cummins apparel designs on the horizon, with an expected reveal in August 2023.

The new year will end on a cool note as DAS Companies, Inc. plans to unveil the Cummins lineup of coolers.

If you are a Cummins fan, make sure to keep your eye out for more Cummins products in retail marketplaces in 2023.