Cobra rolls out line of FM-enabled CB radios

Cobra Electronics earlier this week unveiled its new line of AM/FM CB radios, which deliver clearer signal reception. The new dual-mode AM/FM capabilities are now featured on Cobra’s popular CB radio models, including the 29 LTD Classic, 29 LTD Chrome, and 19 MINI AM/FM. The 29 LTD NW will be available later this spring. 

The change is of particular importance to truckers who rely on their CB while on the road. In a statement about the new line, Cobra said, "With their livelihood and safety dependent on the reliability and clarity of communication via CB radio, the inclusion of FM on professional drivers’ CB radios cannot be overstated. Previously CB radios only operated with 40 channels on limited modes: AM and SSB (consisting of Upper Sideband (USB) and Lower Sideband (LSB)). FM mode will lock onto the strongest signal and is less susceptible to the background noise that can come through on AM." 

Cobra was at the forefront of seeking the addition of FM to CB radios. It drove a four-year petition effort with the Federal Communications Commission to enable FM mode communication on CBs within the U.S. 

Cobra said it started this journey back in 2017 when it petitioned the FCC for a rule change to Part 95 to allow FM mode to be legal for use in CB radio products in the US. The result was 100% acceptance from the FCC to allow FM on the CB band in 2021.  

 “Our team has been on the forefront of working with the FCC since 2017 to make AM/FM CB radios possible,” said Gail Babitt, CEO of Cedar Electronics, parent company of Cobra. “The implications this will have on users like professional truck drivers, fleet managers, and local delivery services will be amazing – making communication clearer and more productive than ever while on the road. The change is also not just a revolutionary new accomplishment for Cobra, but the culmination of the hard work and determination from the many parties that went into this endeavor – and will set a new standard of product innovation as we head into the future of CB radio technology.” 

For more information on the AM/FM capabilities and Cobra’s work behind the FCC ruling, visit 

Cobra’s new CB radios with dual-mode AM/FM are available at Travel Centers of America, Pilot Companies, and Love's Travel Stops throughout the country.