Couple took a leap and became leased owner-operators three years ago

Updated Mar 21, 2023

By Mila and Jermaine Horton

My name is Jermaine and my wife’s name is Mila. Together we are also known as Coupled by the Miles. We are a young, married couple living life over the road sharing our love and trucking story with the world.

Our journey all started when we were both living in Forest Park, Georgia, 15 minutes away from the big city of Atlanta. I have always loved trucking. I obtained my CDL when I turned 21 back in 2015. But, before coming out on the road with my wife I was driving for an LTL company in the city, and my wife was working a 9-5 shift at the airport.

We did that for a few years until we started to question God about our purpose and future, we just wanted more out of life and felt like that wasn’t it. I deeply felt that God was leading me to face my fear of the unknown and to take a leap of faith to get out there and become a leased owner-operator over the road. I shared the vision with my wife and as always, she supported me and was open to exploring a new voyage with me.

We have now been out here for three years, and we don’t regret taking the leap at all. You may ask, did it take some adjusting? Of course, it took some time to adjust. My biggest concern was that my wife would hate it. With her military background, it didn’t take long for her to adapt to the lifestyle. There were moments when I questioned if this was the right move because being a leased owner-operator you’re out here on your own.

There were a few things I had to learn and figure out on my own. After getting through those hurdles, the positives began to outweigh the negatives. I’m so proud of us for taking that leap. So many blessings have come out of the decision to become a leased owner-operator.

One of those blessings was that my wife began documenting and sharing our whole journey out here. Our story began to go viral on social media with over 10 million views on TikTok. People fell in love with seeing a young trucker couple live and love their lives over the road.

Although my wife doesn’t drive the truck, we are still a team. She creates videos about cooking inside our truck, workouts we do to stay fit, how we go on date nights, decorating the inside of our sleeper to make it cozier, and much more.

I believe people find our content so interesting because you don’t see this side of the trucking industry. We believe that this lifestyle is whatever you make it, and we choose to romanticize it and make it enjoyable.

What we love the most is that we got to meet so many new people out here doing the same thing we are. We are also able to guide drivers and encourage them to take a big leap and make a life-changing decision. Whenever we get messages from people telling us that we’ve inspired and encouraged them to stop being afraid and make a change, it lets us know we are doing purposeful work. There is no better feeling.

As Brian Tracy once said, “Every great move forward in your life begins with a leap of faith, a step into the unknown”.

You can follow our journey on Instagram: @coupledbythemiles, Tiktok: @coupledbythemiles, and YouTube: @coupledbythemiles