New Year's goals: 10 achievable fitness tips for truck drivers

Updated Jan 26, 2024

by Hope Zvara, Mother Trucker Yoga

A new year means it’s time you get to ride with a fresh, vibrant approach to a healthier version of yourself. We know that life on the road isn’t always kind to your body, and coming up with a fitness plan can feel as daunting as that mountain pass in the dead of winter, not to mention most of the plans out there just don’t make sense for a truck driver like yourself. We understand. And we’re right here with you, full of empathetic, practical advice to help you make small, achievable changes that can lead to big improvements in your health. Let’s do this right this year!

#1 Start Small

Remember that initial time you sat behind the wheel of a big rig? You didn’t master the gears overnight, right? It’s the same with fitness. Start with small changes, perhaps a quick stretch at every rest stop. Something is always better than nothing, right? What is one move you can master this year?

#2 Pick One Thing

Don’t try to change everything all at once. Think about what you’d like to improve and start there. It could be drinking more water, taking a stretch break, or an extra walk around the truck daily. Pick your one thing and stick to it. What is “your one thing” for 2024 regarding your health?

#3 Make a List

Recognize your unique lifestyle and consider what might get in the way of your fitness plans. Is your schedule irregular? Do long hauls leave you strapped for time? Does your boss stress you out? Identify these barriers and brainstorm ways to overcome them. Make a list of what derails your progress so you can see it coming and change lanes fast.

#4 Get a Buddy

Find a fellow road warrior to hold you accountable for your fitness commitments. Whether it’s a colleague, a buddy from home, or even us at Mother Trucker Yoga®, having someone to check in with can make all the difference. If no one told you, doing this alone is unnecessary. Who’s in your corner?

#5 Stop Separating It From Your Life

Fitness isn’t something “extra” you have to fit into your life; it IS life. Just like you wouldn’t consider driving without a well-maintained rig, don’t consider living without caring for your wellness. What conversation do you need to start having with yourself regarding wellness? And what conversation do you need to stop having?

#6 Learn to Self-Observe

Mistakes can become stepping stones when you learn from them. Self-observation enables us to understand our behaviors, thoughts, emotions – everything that makes us ‘us.’ It’s essential to learn from those oops moments. We hold the keys to our success.

#7 Ask Yourself: WHY?

Why do you want to be healthier, happier, more fit, and more active? Your ‘WHY’ can be a mighty motivator on difficult days. What is your ‘WHY’?

#8 Don’t Act Solely on Emotion

We know that the open road evokes all kinds of feelings. But just like you wouldn’t want to hit the icier slopes based purely on adrenaline, the same logic applies to our health journey. Be thoughtful and consistent in your choices. How can you incorporate three deep breaths into your day to help you create emotional space and assist you in making the next right decision?

#9 Find Your Tribe

Surround yourself with like-minded folks who support you and your fitness journey. Remember, just like a convoy, the people around you can help guide the way and fuel your motivation. Write down who is in your corner and identify if they want the best for you (be honest).

#10 Know It’s Never Too Late

Every sunrise brings a chance to start anew. The trucker lifestyle is unique, and you know what? So is the path to making changes for the better. Even small steps can lead to significant changes on the endless highway of health. Today say out loud: It’s not too late to take care of my health; I matter.

If no one has told you lately, I believe in you. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are healthy habits. Inch by inch, it’s all a cinch. Hang in there, drivers. Let’s gear up for the healthiest year yet. Because you’re not just driving that truck - you’re driving your life, too. 


Hope Zvara is a yoga, movement, and lifestyle expert and CEO of Mother Trucker Yoga.