Rand McNally introduces 2 new tablets for pro truckers

Updated May 7, 2024

Rand McNally recently delivered two new tablets designed specifically for professional  truck drivers.

The Rand Tablet comes with either 8- or 7-inch screens, and both are packed with the latest navigation software and additional features to make them ideal for the most demanding of trucking applications. Both have a new user interface for improved usability and the latest truck mapping attributes.

The Rand Tablets also:

  • provide comprehensive routes with 3-D renderings of nearby buildings and landmarks, more prominent exits and highways
  • have alerts for the locations of stop signs and speed cameras
  • deliver live weather updates, traffic conditions, and fuel availability
  • have 33% more more truck-specific attributes than other GPS providers, according to the company
  • allow you to track fuel purchases and calculate fuel economy
  • have warnings for speed limit changes, sharp curves and other changes of road conditions
  • let you view estimated tolls and compare routes with and without tolls
  • provide information about construction along the route you've chosen
  • integrate with your Rand ELD
  • come with magnetic universal dash mount

The Rand Tablet 8 is available online for $549.99. The Rand Tablet 7 is available online for $429.99.