Welcome to FFTR

Updated Aug 12, 2014

For the past several years, Truckers News has provided a variety of health coverage for truckers, including our in-print Fit for the Road section. But now we hope to take that to another level with our Fit for the Road website.

As our content grows on the site, you will find articles on FMCSA regulations, various health issues and how to prevent or correct those, cooking and exercise products, healthy recipes for the road and more. We also plan to add to our Take A Load Off campaign and allow opportunities for you to share your health stories.

Other added features give you the opportunity to interact with the editors here at Truckers News. You can now leave comments on our stories, and we have a general forum and a health forum where you can ask questions, leave feedback or just get to know your fellow TN readers.

We will be updating the site an a continuous basis, and you can look for new stories, tips and products every day. We hope the information we provide will be helpful to you, and  we’re glad you’re here.