Eat this, Not that: Subway

Updated Aug 12, 2014

Subway has made a name for itself as the supplier of fresher, healthier meals than offered by other fast food joints. That doesn’t mean all its subs are crafted equally. Subway offers eight 6-inch sandwiches with six or fewer grams of fat, and hovering near that menu really won’t steer you wrong. Drifting toward the deluxe sandwich line-up, however, can cause your lunch-hour nutritional stats to jump up quickly, adding both extra calories and more fat.

Eat this: 6-inch Turkey Breast and Ham

Not that: 6-inch Chicken and Bacon Ranch

Calories and Fat: The Turkey Breast and Ham sub has 290 calories and 4g of fat. The Chicken and Bacon Ranch sub registers at nearly twice the amount of calories at 570 and a whopping 28g of fat, seven times the amount in the Turkey Breast and Ham.

Difference: The Chicken and Bacon Ranch sub has 280 more calories and 24 more grams of fat. Moreover, the sandwich has half of a gram of trans fat (compared to the Turkey Breast and Ham’s zero), more sodium and nearly four times the amount of cholesterol.

Choosing Subway over a quick burger is never a bad option, but being picky in Subway itself has its advantages as well. Next time, opt for Subway’s low-fat, lower-calorie sandwich line.

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