Eat this, not that: Sonic

Updated Aug 12, 2014

Sonic’s drive-in meal menu offers more variety and more options than some of the more popular fast-food restaurants. Which options will do right by your waistline? Wraps are a good place to start, and the Sonic Toasters should be avoided.

Eat this: Grilled Chicken Wrap

Not that: Chicken Club Toaster

Calories and Fat: The Grilled Chicken Wrap has 390 calories and 14g of total fat. The Chicken Club Toaster has nearly twice the amount of calories (740) and more than three times the amount of fat (46g).

Difference: The wrap has almost the same portion size – 250g to the toaster’s 257g – but has far less fat and calories, no transfat (compared to the toaster’s 0.5g), the same amount of protein (28g), less sugar, fewer carbs and roughly a third as much saturated fat (3.5g to the toaster’s 11g).

Next time you choose America’s Drive-In, avoid the calories and fat in the Toasters and opt for a wrap.