Eight Tips for Finding Time to Exercise

Updated Aug 12, 2014


Exercising on the road can be a hassle, but it helps to have a plan. Below are hints for getting over the hurdle and making exercise a part of your daily routine.

Make exercise a priority. You make time for what’s important for you. If your health is important, then exercise should be, too. Take a look at your daily schedule and decide if you need to cut out something else to give exercise its proper place.

Find something you enjoy doing. There are options for you, even on the road. Some people prefer cardio, which can be as simple as carrying socks, running shoes and workout clothes with you. If weights are more your thing, buy a small weight set you can carry in your cab.

Plan your downtime. You have to sleep, but what are you doing with your other off-duty hours? If you are stuck waiting for a shipper for a couple hours get out of the cab and walk around.

Quit making excuses. You can come up with 30 reasons not to exercise. Once you recognize these for what they really are — excuses — you can overcome them.

Start out small. Don’t overwhelm yourself by overdoing it from the get-go. Even a small amount of exercise can make a big difference in how you feel, and you can build on that.

Set realistic goals. Whether it’s a time, weight or health goal, having something to work toward is important. Be smart about setting your goals; make them challenging but not unattainable. When you reach one goal set another higher one. Write these achievements down to look back on what you have accomplished.

Get support. Whether it’s your spouse or a group on Facebook, find someone who can cheer you on as you progress toward your goals. Support from other truckers who exercise can be especially helpful because they understand the challenges.