Water bottle: look good while doing good

Updated Aug 12, 2014

Bobble is a reusable water bottle that filters water as you drink. Bobble was created with the intention of giving consumers an environmentally friendly replacement to plastic water bottles — most of which end up in the ocean, on the street or in landfills. The filters are interchangeable and replaceable, which makes it easy to keep the same bottle for a long time.

Each bottle comes with a replaceable carbon filter that literally filters each sip you take. It removes chlorine and organic contaminants from tap water and makes every bottle taste like bottled water. Each filter is the equivalent of 300 single-serve plastic water bottles.

The staff here at Truckers News tested the Bobble, and we’re pretty smitten.

It’s convenient because it allows you to feel comfortable filling up from any water faucet, not just a water fountain. The filter does an uncanny job at making any water taste normal, compared to the copper aftertaste tap water has. This works perfectly for a truck driver whose only option may be getting water from a bathroom sink.

Bottled water vs. Bobble water? They taste the same. Bottled water just cost loads more.

Warning gulpers: the filter prevents you from getting a lot of water in one sip. Each sip is accompanied by a whistling, gasping noise when the air is filling back into the bottle. 

The Bobble is available in three sizes: the original 18.5oz for $9.95, a larger 34oz for $12.95 and a smaller 13oz. for $8.95. For more information, check out www.waterbobble.com.