Healthy Obsession

Updated Aug 12, 2014

Back to the basics with fruits and veggies

I downloaded my first health smartphone application a few months ago: Calorie Counter by FatSecret. A full description of the app can be found in this issue on page 26, but the main idea is that it helps you track caloric intake.

The application asks the user to enter his or her current weight, desired weight and daily activity level — then, Calorie Counter presents a recommended number of calories to reach that desired weight (Note: Your doctor is always the best authority on your health, so see your physician before starting a drastic diet change). I was pretty unhappy when I saw my number. But given how little I exert myself physically every day, I understand why six hamburger combos don’t fit into my diet.

So I searched for delicious foods that work with my daily calorie allowance. A heaping pile of greasy french fries? Nope. A couple of slices of pecan pie? Not so much.

And that’s when it hit me — everything my parents taught me about fruits and vegetables is true. Vegetable portions really should be much larger than meat portions. Fruit really is a sweeter, healthier alternative to ice cream. Seems obvious, right? But in my years away from home, I have forgotten the basics of healthy eating.

My best advice is to be more informed. Even a salad can be full of calories if you drench it in fatty dressings and toppings such as bacon — so check nutritional information before you order. If you don’t have a smartphone, ask someone who works at the restaurant. Or next time you get to a computer, find the restaurant’s website.

Good luck with changing your eating habits. It’s tough, but it pays off in the end.

Kathleen Buccleugh is managing editor of Truckers News. Contact her at kathleenbuccleugh or by visiting the Truckers News Facebook