Industry responds to trashing by CNBC

Updated Aug 18, 2014

The CNBC series Collision Course perturbed some in the trucking industry and angered many more.

Collision Course was the none-too-subtle title of an investigative four-part series aired recently by cable TV business channel CNBC. It springboarded off the tragic accident in New Jersey that killed one man and injured high-profile comedian Tracey Morgan just as Capital Hill was abuzz with trucking safety discussion.

The trucking community’s reaction was swift and pointed.

American Trucking Associations President & CEO Bill Graves blasted CNBC in a letter saying, “The series portrayed our industry as egregiously unsafe, depicting the worst practices of some in our industry as endemic to how we do business. This paints an outrageously inaccurate image of an industry that moves the vast majority of the country’s goods; spends more than $7.5 billion annually on safety-related technologies and has worked to cut truck-involved crashes by 22% over the past decade.”

If you haven’t already, watch CNBC’s Collision Course. Then, weigh in with what you think of trucking safety and/or the series.

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