Wal-Mart suit spurs discussion about how to pay drivers

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The class action suit against Wal-Mart has people commenting.

These have not been the best of days for Wal-Mart.

A few months ago, one of their trucks was involved in a high-profile accident that put the entire trucking industry under the media microscope.

Now, a federal court judge in California has paved the way for a class action lawsuit on how Wal-Mart drivers there are paid.

This set off a spirited conversation over at our sister site, Overdrive.

For example:

“Who is going to pay an owner operator by the hour?? and by which hour(s)… which load owner pays for his lunch between turn around.. are they going to pay him for the hours it takes to bill them? I am not really meaning to be snarky, but this hourly pay thing can’t really apply to an owner operator.”


“Can you imagine what the hourly wage would be to cover: diesel, fuel taxes, highway use taxes, license plates, lumper fees, new tires,maintenance, and the necessary income to support the drivers family and the driver while he’s on the road …”

You get the picture. Now add your two cents worth — or more — in our comments section below.