Late night coffee break gets driver more than he sought

cemetery wednesday

I was hauling beer from Houston to Hattiesburg, Miss. going east on I-10 when I suddenly got so sleepy, I just had to stop and get a cup of coffee.

It was approximately 11:40 p.m. as I pulled off the interstate. All the nearby convenience stores were closed, so I took a little side road, at a road sign that read “Lafayette,” (Louisiana).

In my search for a turnaround spot I came across an old graveyard on the right side of the road and standing next to an above ground tomb I saw an old black gentleman wearing classic funeral attire. As I got closer he was staring me right in my eyes; he didn’t have any pupils in his eyes just white was all I could see.

I drove another 1,000 feet and finally found a place to turn around, praying and hoping that the old man would not be there when I passed the old cemetery. He was gone (thank God) but I will never forget his lifeless eyes and cold ashen look on his face.

And, now for a bonus bit of scariness with a look at some of the great horror movie posters of all time.

Evil Dead

The Mummy



Amityville Horror

Creature from the Black Lagoon

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Day of the Triffids


Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman


Godzilla 1954


King Kong


Night of the Living Dead

Nightmare on Elmstreet




The Exorcist

The Omen

The Shining

The Texas Chain saw Massacre