Music: Atkins delivers all the good stuff in February

Rodney Atkins’ new album due in February

Rodney Atkins – Greatest Hits

If you’re a fan of country crooner Rodney Atkins, then this is “must have” when it arrives in February. It’s the first collection of the biggest hits for this singer, who debuted in 1997 with In A Heartbeat, which is not on this new album. What it does contain are 12 tracks, including his most recent hit, Eat Sleep Love You Repeat. And, for good musical measure, Atkins plans an album of new materials later this year. Here’s everything on Rodney Atkins – Greatest Hits:

1. ‘If You’re Going Thru Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows)’

2. ‘Watching You’

3. ‘These Are My People’

4. ‘Cleaning This Gun (Come on in Boy)’

5. ‘Take a Back Road’

6. ‘Farmer’s Daughter’

7. ‘It’s America’

8. ‘Invisibly Shaken’

9. ‘Honesty (Write Me a List)’

10. ‘He’s Mine’

11. ‘About the South’

12. “Eat Sleep Love You Repeat’