Music: Kid Rock gives you a ‘First Kiss’

First Kiss

Kid Rock’s “First Kiss” arrives Feb. 24

Kid Rock offers up his 10th studio album in about 10 days (Feb. 24) and it appears to be worth waiting for. If the video for the title track is any indication, this could be a CD to help move you down the road in style. First Kiss is a followup to 2012’s Rebel Soul, and shows the Kid from Michigan still has plenty to say. The CD is a launching pad for a tour this summer, and those going on the annual Chillin’ the Most Cruise from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico, March 2-6 can expect to hear plenty of its 11 tracks. They include:

  • First Kiss
  • Good Times, Cheap Wine
  • Johnny Cash
  • Ain’t Enough Whiskey
  • Drinking Beer With Dad
  • Good Time Lookin’ for Me
  • Best of Me
  • One More Song
  • Jesus and Bocephus
  • Explicit Bonus Track: FOAD
  • Clean Bonus Track: Say Goodbye