Stream This: ‘Ghost Army’ documents special WW II troops

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Using what amounted to inflatable tank-shaped balloons, this special U.S. Army unit tricked the Germans during World War II.

The Ghost Army

It’s likely that most of the world never heard of some of the truly unique heroes of World War II.  From the landing at Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge, the work of 23rd Headquarters Special Troops was shrouded in secrecy. But, this fascinating story of battlefield deception is told in a documentary now streaming on Netflix. The Ghost Army details the work of a relatively small band of soldiers who staged what amounted to elaborate stage plays on the battlefield. Using inflatable fake tanks, recorded battlefield soundtracks and phony radio transmissions, the 23rd’s mission was to trick the enemy into thinking they were an actual division ready and capable of fighting. Using recently declassified footage and extensive interviews with members of the 23rd, this documentary offers and intriguing and enlightening look at war as waged by artists and special effects creators.