Hear This: Jason Michael Carroll asks, ‘What Color Is Your Sky?’

Jason Michael Carroll

Think fans were anxious to hear Jason Michael Carroll’s new album? When he raised funds from them on Kickstarter, his goal was $40,000, but he wound up getting almost $70,000. Now that’s fan support! That new 15-track album, What Color is Your Sky? arrives next week. You may have heard the lead single from it, God Only Knows, which was released on March 17. This is Carroll’s fourth album, and a followup to 2011’s Numbers.

What Color Is Your Sky? track listing:
1. “All I’m Drinking ‘Bout”
2. “God Only Knows”
3. “What Color Is Your Sky”
4. “Here’s To”
5. “Love Like July”
6. “Does He Know”
7. “‘Til the Speakers Blow”
8. “Civil War”
9. “Urgency”
10. “Blown Away”
11. “We Ride
12. “Close Enough”
13. “Here With Me”
14. “Painting Pictures”
15. “Waste Their Life”