Maddie & Tae back with a full album of country songs

Country singers Maddie & Tae are out with their first full album later this month.

The two young women who shook up the bro-centric country music scene last year with their debut single are back with a full album and their fans like it. Lots. Maddie (Marlow) & Tae (Dye) took the country music charts by storm with Girl in A Country Song, and are looking to repeat with their first album Start Here, which arrives later this month. It’s already been named album of the month for August. Start Here includes the four songs from their EP of last year and builds on that. The two women show they continue to have a sense of humor, offering songs like The Downside of Growing Up and Shut Up and Fish. Maddie & Tae are opening for Dierks Bentley on his 2015 Sounds of Summer Tour, but come October will headline a club tour in support of Start Here. Here’s the full track listing for the new album, which is available for preorder on iTunes for $9.99.

1. “Waitin’ on a Plane”
2. “Girl in a Country Song”
3. “Smoke”
4. “Shut Up and Fish”
5. “Fly”
6. “Sierra”
7. “Your Side of Town”
8. “Right Here, Right Now”
9. “No Place Like You”
10. “After the Storm Blows Through”
11. “Downside of Growing Up”