Chris Janson’s debut album ‘Buy Me A Boat’ on the way

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Chris Janson

After six years of pursuing music, country singer-songwriter Chris Janson decided to independently release his chart-topping single “Buy Me A Boat.” Now that song is the title track of his upcoming debut album, coming out Oct. 30.

Janson wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the album. He said he pulled inspiration for the songs from all parts of his life. 

“I just write to write,” Janson said in a September interview with Rolling Stone Country. “I write songs I think are cool, or songs that mean something to me. I focus one step at a time. Write them first, then see how they sound. Some make the live shows, some make the record, some don’t ever get heard.”

“Buy Me A Boat” is scheduled for release on Oct. 30 and is available for preorder on iTunes. The album track list:

1. Buy Me a Boat

2. Power of Positive Drinkin’

3. Under the Sun

4. Holdin’ Her 

5. Messin’ With Jesus (with Tim McGraw)

6. Right In the Middle

7. Save a Little Sugar

8. Back In My Drinkin’ Days

9. Where You Come In

10. Yeah It Is

11. White Trash

12. Sow Wild Oats