Amazon shares a peek at new original shows

Pilots for five new original shows are now on Amazon Video, and combined they cover a lot of territory.

They include:

New original show on Amazon: “Patriot”

“Patriot”: A U.S. intelligence agent goes way undercover to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons, and it proves to be a difficult task.

“Edge”: Set in Missouri after the Civil War, Josiah “Edge” Hedges is betrayed by men he fought with and seeks revenge.

“Good Girls Revolt”: A group of female researchers at a news organization demand to be treated fairly in 1969.

“Highston”: Highston Liggetts,  a 19-year-old, imagines celebrities who help him deal with the changes in his life.

“One Mississippi”: Based loosely on the life of Tig Notaro’s, the show follows her when she returns to her childhood to deal with the death of her mother.

“Z: The Beginning of Everything”: Is the story of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, 1920s writer and wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Amazon releases pilots like these, lets folks view them and extends the lives of the most popular ones and ditches the rest.