Share your story of Christmas spent on the road

The list of the joys a truck driver’s life is a long and varied one for most.

Not on that list is one fact about trucking that looms large this time of year: the prospect of being on the road while others are gathered at home for family Christmas.

They’re having a dinner with all the trimmings, and you are eating just another everyday meal at a truckstop or in your cab while parked at an interstate rest area.

They’re enjoying each other’s company and remembering Christmases past while your only company are the dockhands taking their own sweet time unloading you; you’ll settle for a call home later.

But, like with most everything else you do, you understand this is part of the job and you make the best of it.

Tell us those stories. Truckers News wants to hear about begin on the road at Christmas and how you deal with it. Tell us about a memorable meal you shared with other truckers. Share what it’s like to be away from friends and family, and what you’ve done to create Christmas traditions unique to the trucking life. How do you celebrate while driving the interstate?

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