Accident on Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve in 2014 I was involved in an accident in Janesville, Wisc.

I know that Janesville is a very dangerous town with the way people get on and off of the interstate, so I always move over to the hammer lane as soon as I can.

Last Christmas Eve I was rolling through town trying to get to the Chicago area to get my load off to go home for Christmas, but out of nowhere comes a Dodge Ram pickup swerving as if the driver was texting as it’s getting on the highway. It hit the cement barrier on the right, lost control, and came over into the hammer lane.

Now we all know that two atoms can’t take up the same space, so I was hit on the passenger side drives, which I predicted before I got there. I saw that the ditch was deep and I didn’t didn’t slow down thinking about what could happen if I had slowed down. My thoughts were that this person’s life is more important than me getting home for Christmas.

After the accident, the father of the girl that was driving the Dodge Ram pickup thanked me for saving his daughter’s life and invited me to Christmas with them. I thanked him, but turned down the offer because I had called my wife and she was on her way to get me from a truckstop so we could have Christmas on the road together at a friend’s house. We talked about how valuable life is and how you never know when your time is up.

It’s special times like this that I thank God that I didn’t make it home for Christmas because His plan is better than mine.