Look back: See the most watched videos of 2015

A truck driver navigates through flood waters.

Strange and dangerous things can happen to trucks on the highway. When they are caught on video, they get a lot of attention.

A video of a tornado meeting a truck in Illinois was the most-watched video on Truckers News in 2015, and an accident at a weigh station took the second spot.

What video do you remember most from this past year at Truckers News?

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These are the 10 most-watched videos on Truckers News in 2015:

1. Tornado topples truck in Illinois

2. Accident in weigh station parking lot

3. Video shows horrific crash, tanker fire on NJ turnpike

4. Trucks pileup on Interstate 80 in Wyoming

5. Driver makes ill-advised pass

6. Semi truck meets mud

7. Dash cam view of the deadly Interstate 94 pileup

8. Big sleeper, big truckers, even bigger bedrooms

9. Truck crash compilation

10. Truck driver undeterred by flood waters