Look back: Most read Truckers News stories of July 2015

Editor’s Note: Before 2016 arrives, Truckers News is taking a look back at the year about to expire. Over the next two weeks we’re taking a month-by-month look at the stories and videos that were most popular with you, our readers.

In July, a driver was shut down by the FMCSA and the Truck Safety Act was introduced.

These are the most read Truckers News stories of July 2015:

1. Kentucky truck driver shut down after crash that killed 6 (Read it here.)

The FMCSA put out an imminent hazard out-of-service order to a Kentucky driver after determining he’d falsified his records of duty status in the days leading to a crash that killed six people.

2. Bill would require truck drivers be paid for hours worked (Read it here.)

The Truck Safety Act, introduced July 10, would require motor carriers to hold $1.5 million in liability insurance and pay truck operators for all hours worked instead of the solely per-mile pay.

3. J.B. Hunt to shippers: Don’t waste truck drivers’ time (Read it here.)

J.B. Hunt released a report directed at shippers and receivers. The report covered the full extent of the wasted time drivers spend as a result of inefficient practices and noted that mitigating such inefficiencies could increase capacity.

These are the most watched videos on Truckers News from July 2015:

1. You may not believe the mudslinging in this video

2. Some highway behavior that will leave you speechless

3. See why DIY bridge building is not often a good idea