Vince Gill’s ‘Down to My Last Bad Habit’ arrives

Vince Gill

Vince Gill is ready to get real on his new album “Down to My Last Bad Habit,” out Feb. 12.

Gill co-wrote all of the songs on the album, which features 12 tracks. Gill’s fellow country musicians Cam and Little Big Town have features on the album. The album takes on serious material while staying true to Gill’s personal brand of sound.

“Music is like having a conversation,” Gill said in a recent Rolling Stone Country interview. “All musicians inspire each other, and they’re all geared to play something that matters. A lot of people play to impress, but the really gifted ones play to move. That’s the greatest point of ever doing this. I don’t want to impress somebody, I want to move somebody.”

“Down to My Last Habit” is scheduled for release Feb. 12. The album is available for preorder on Amazon here and iTunes here.

The album track list:

1. Reasons for the Tears I Cry

2. Down to My Last Bad Habit

3. Me and My Girl

4. Like My Daddy Did

5. Make You Feel Real Good

6. I Can’t Do This

7. My Favorite Movie

8. One More Mistake I Made

9. Take Me Down

10. I’ll Be Waiting for You

11. When It’s Love

12. Sad One Comin’ On