Start July with Kenny Chesney’s new album

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Updated Jul 8, 2016
Kenny Chesney on tour (Image Courtesy of Essential Broadcast Media/Jill Trunnell)

Kenny Chesney is getting ready to add another album under his cowboy belt. The country superstar is releasing his new album “Some Town Somewhere” Friday, July 8.

Chesney released the album’s single, “Noise,” back in May. The track is an examination of all the white noise in daily life. The rest of the album follows that lead, taking apart life and breaking it down into its little moments.

“In some ways, this record is more me than anything I’ve done,” Chesney says on his website. “You get into my head, my heart and the way so much of what’s going on around all of us hits me. Taken as a whole, this is a record about seizing life in all its forms: the moments you wish wouldn’t end, the times that make you rethink your priorities, the simple stuff that gives us balance, a few characters at the bar and the hope that’s it’s all worth doing.”