Will next president have to address trucks in terrorism?

Our colleague Jason Cannon wrote in “Commercial Carrier Journal” recently:

“You can’t stop crazy. You can only hope to contain it.

“We live in a crazy world right now, and the effort to contain it will bear watching next year when either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump takes up residence in the White House.”

Items left at the scene of an attack in Nice, France that left 84 people dead.

Cannon suggests the incident in Nice, France in which a man drove a truck into a crowd killing 84 people could translate to changes for American truck drivers. Those changes could be driven by who gets elected president in November.

Read Cannon’s complete blog entry.

And, here’s how some folks reacted:

All it is going to do is get the good old boys out of trucking and give the foreigners the reins to drive a truck…..how much more can they do to scrutinize the truck driver?  Can’t do backgrounds on the immigrants/illegals however, they want to background and fingerprint drivers again and again and again.
Would be a great idea for all CDL holders to be put through the Homeland Security process already in place for companies that handle air freight. A Federal Background check (Security Threat Analysis or STA) before you can obtain or renew your license to determine if you are a threat to the USA. Sounds perfectly logical, the program has worked quite well to this point in the airfreight and export side of the business. Of course the tin foil hat wearing crowd will claim its big brother taking away their freedoms and invading their privacy. Dont worry guys, even 1st degree felons can pass this test as long as their crime does not indicate they are a threat to the security of the USA. Next argument is at what cost…. the burden is presently on the companies to pay for the testing.
25 year cdl holder
And i’m sure the terrorists will follow all of the rules they won’t just walk up to a truck in a truck stop shoot the driver and take what they want. Laws only keep honest people honest they do not stop criminals. That’s why they are called criminals.
I have no doubt that the government has their sights on restricting access to larger straight trucks and of eventually requiring TSA checks for licenses to drive anything over 8000 lbs.  They will see this as a cash cow by forcing drivers of trucks under 26,000 lbs to get a more expensive license, and make ALL drivers submit to the increasingly expensive TSA background check and a condition of their license.  If anyone thinks that these background checks cost anywhere near what they are charging is sadly delusional…a simple query to NCIC is generally all they do anyway.  Just another tax they can justify in the name of security that will do nothing to prevent someone intent on inflicting casualties from doing so.
I think you all are missing the point of the article. Mr. Cannon was simply saying that this has not been the first time a truck has been rented to carry out a terrorist attack. There is always going to be a way around the preventative measures, however, by having preventative measures in place, will help to reduce the # of attacks thus reducing the # of innocent lives lost.