‘Dirt Every Day’ provides off-road entertainment

Updated Mar 18, 2017

As much as you would like otherwise, your one truck (the big one you drive for work) may keep you too busy to enjoy your other one (the pickup or off-roader you have for fun).

Off the road with Motor Trend’s “Dirt Every Day”Off the road with Motor Trend’s “Dirt Every Day”

But, man does not live by diesel alone and you can get your fix of off-road action with Dirt Every Day, Motor Trends’s YouTube Channel dedicated to off-roading.

Most of the videos there are a bit less than 30 minutes long; some considerably shorter. They cover everything from 4 x 4 tests, customizations, mud bogging, rock crawling and off-the-grid camping. And, they drive everything from new models off the showroom floor to vintage finds from some backroad barn.

In addition to the YouTube Channel, you can find 17 episodes of Dirt Every Day on Netflix.

Here’s a few from YouTube to give you an idea of what Dirt Every Day is all about.