Minimizer unveils fenders for wide-base tires


Minimizer has introduced Super Single Fenders.

Four Super Single Fender models – 2221, 9021, 4021, and TR4021 – measure 19 1/2 inches wide and are specifically designed for wide-base tires. All four Super Single Fender models are available in standard Minimizer colors and specialized finishes, with the exception of the 9021, which is not available in green.

“This is something we’ve been working on for a long time,” Minimizer CEO and Chief Visionary Officer Craig Kruckeberg said. “We had a lot of requests for fenders designed specifically for wide-base tires and didn’t want to release anything that wasn’t up to our usual Tested & Tortured standard.

“Lots of fleets and owner/operators run wide-base tires. This is a large part of the marketplace that we have yet to explore. Our Super Single Fenders will fit those trucks and trailers perfectly.”