Indulge in slow cooker short ribs and dessert

Every now and then we all need to indulge a bit. The nice thing about these two slow cooker recipes from Suger-Free Mom is that they allow you to enjoy a special main course and dessert while not violating your low-carb diet.

The main course is short ribs and the dessert is for a blueberry/lemon custard cake.

If you have shopped for short ribs lately you know that they no longer area cheap cut of beef. In fact, they can rival most good steaks. But, this slow cooker recipe makes your investment deliver delicious returns.

Short ribs make ideal slow cooker meals.Short ribs make ideal slow cooker meals.

This recipe calls for braising the short ribs in a Dutch oven before putting them in the slow cooker. That’s fine if your cooking at home. On the road and in your truck, we’re guessing a lunch box cooker or 12-volt saucepan could do the truck.

Once the short ribs are braised, put them in the slow cooker and braise some onions. Once soft, add those to the short ribs along with some tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, carrots, and beef broth (be good to yourself and look for the low-sodium variety). Cook six to eight hours on low and enjoy yourself when done. See the details.

And, if you have been especially good, this lemon custard cake may be the ideal sweet reward. It uses six eggs, coconut flour (available at most well-stocked grocery stores or online), lemon-flavored sweetener, and half a cup of blueberries. It cooks in about three hours on low. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the full recipe and directions.