Truckers explain the meanings of their tattoos

saved my lfe tattoo

One is a tribute to a trucker’s late husband.

Another is about how trucking saved the driver’s life.

Yet another, of all things, reimagines Alice in Wonderland as a woman trucker.

All are among the first batch of trucker tattoos submitted in Truckers News’ Show Us Your Ink feature.

“I had a very rough life growing up and when I became a truck driver back in ’05 I had this tattoo done and it says ‘Trucking saved me,'” said Helen Jones, a company driver explaining her tat.

For company driver Jerry Ragantesi, trucking and tattoos just go together. He said, “Been driving for 23 years started getting them from day one.”

You can see all of the trucker tattoos that have been submitted thus far, and you can Show Us Your (own) Ink as well.