Rocky Willingham: Remembering family members

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Rocky Willingham
Rocky’s Revenge LLC / Jim Palmer Trucking

20190513 1251172All about the family. My dad was a combat SeaBee. He did 3 tours in Vietnam. We got to live on Midway Island after his tours were over. He was my hero. The Seabee tattoo is in honor of him. The other tattoo is in remembrance of my Dawson Uncles from Leighton, Alabama who were known as the Dawson Gang in The State Line Mob. The state line between Northwest Alabama and Tennessee. Notoriously known for moonshine running, gambling, etc…. books, news articles, and movies have mentioned them or alluded to them. To others they were outlaws to be feared to me they were men who were taking care of their families. I will always remember their big smiles and how they loved family. My Uncles and Dad taught me about hard work, loyalty, and love of family.