Pipeline cyberattack starting to prompt fuel shortages

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Updated May 12, 2021
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The effects of the ransomware cyberattack on the company that operates the 5,500-mile-long Colonial Pipeline is starting to show up at the diesel pumps of some truck stops and travel centers.

Love's reports some interruptions of supplies in four southern states and Davis Travel Centers, which has four locations in Virginia, has started rationing both gasoline and diesel.

The supply interruption comes after a cyberattack the FBI says was conducted by Russian cybercriminals known as DarkSide. Colonial stopped moving fuel through the pipeline when its computer system was attacked. Prices have edged up and some gas stations in the Southeast have run out of supplies of fuel, but the company and the federal government say there are no significant shortages.

Colonial is reportedly pledging to restore deliveries of fuel to the Eastern U.S. by the end of the week.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Sunday, May 9, issued a regional emergency declaration to waive hours of service regulations for drivers hauling fuel. 

The waiver, effective until June 8, was issued in conjunction with the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, which disrupted the fuel supply on the East Coast. The waiver applies to Alabama, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. The FMCSA amended its waiver today, May 11, to include West Virginia.

It applies to truckers hauling gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and other refined petroleum products.

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Colonial delivers about 45% of the fuels used on the East Coast.

Some travel centers in the Southeast are experiencing supply problems. Here are statements from several:


Due to the Colonial Pipeline shutdown, Love’s locations predominantly in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia are experiencing intermittent diesel and gasoline outages. Love’s and its teams are working diligently to minimize outages to only a few hours. If extended diesel outages occur, Love’s will note those locations on loves.com/fuelupdates.

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Because the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a regional emergency declaration to waive the hours-of-service requirements for drivers hauling fuel, Love’s continues to leverage its Gemini Motor Transport fleet to increase delivery opportunities from other regions.


We are continuing to monitor our supply closely and adjust to changing conditions due to the Colonial Pipeline cyber-attack. While we are seeing spiking gas demand in the Southeast, diesel is holding steady in most markets. If the Colonial Pipeline outage continues to linger, the strain on the market will increase and supplies will get tighter.

We are doing everything we can to ensure that fuel is available and that we have limited supply interruptions. Our logistics team is pulling resources from unaffected areas and bringing in extra drivers to transport fuel.

We will keep you informed on any changes to supply availability at our travel centers.

Store Operations & Supply Conditions:

  • All locations are open.
  • Currently no diesel outages.
  • No Gas: Pilot #6996, Warsaw, NC (diesel still available)

Davis Travel Centers

The cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline has resulted in supply interuption of fuel product. Due to this interruption , our locations will begin rationing the purchase of gasoline to 10 gallons and purchase of diesel fuel (at our Davis Travel Centers) to 75 gallons. As soon as this interruption resolves itself all restrictions on product will be lifted and we will notify our valuable customers on Facebook. We appreciate your patience doing these trying and unprecedented times.