30 tractor-trailers part of I-55 pileup Monday that killed 6, injured over 30

Overhead photo of I-55 crash scene
Illinois State Police

Interstate 55 south of Springfield, Illinois is open again today following Monday morning's series of collisions involving more than 70 vehicles, including some 30 tractor-trailers, two of which caught fire and burned. Six people died and more than 30 were hospitalized with injuries in the pileups that spread over a two-mile section of the highway about 20 miles south of Springfield near Divernon.

Illinois State Police and the state Department of Transp[ortation said the collisions were caused when high winds blew dust from nearby farm fields across the interstate reducing visibility to zero.

ISP said at 10:55 a.m. there was a crash on northbound I-55 at mile marker 76. At the same time, there were numerous crashes in the southbound lanes at mile marker 76. The crashes occurred within a two-mile stretch between mile markers 76 and 78.

According to the Springfield Fire Department, one of the tractor-trailers that burned was a fuel tanker. The other was a dry van loaded with power tool batteries.