2023 Rewind: Poll finds this year was nothing special, same for 2024

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Updated Jan 1, 2024
2023 and 2024 painted on highway

Trucking's Top Stories of 2023 above a tractor-trailerTo say 2023 was nothing special for truckers would be an understatement.

And, those who responded to our poll questions feel 2024 will deliver just about the same.

Over two-thirds -- 68.21% -- of those responded said 2023 was either fair or poor. 

Folks who answered our online poll had a similar outlook about the coming new year. Almost half -- 44.55% -- said they expect the new year to be about the same as the old one.

When we asked, "What kind of year has 2023 been for you?"

  • 39.95% said it was just "fair"
  • 28.26% said it was "poor"
  • 20.65 said it was "good"
  • 9.51 said it was "excellent"
  • 1.63% said "other"

One of those respondents who chose "other" added the comment, "23 years at Yellow, that's how my year was." Another said, "I lost $10,000. Thank you, Uncle Sam."

When we asked, "How do you think 2024 will be for you?"

  • 44.55% said "About the same as 2023."
  • 22.76% said "Better than 2023."
  • 11.54% said "Worse than 2023."
  • 9.62% said "Not as good as 2023."
  • 6.09% said "Much better than 2023."
  • 5.44% said "Other."

A respondent who chose "Other" added, "Hopefully better, but it doesn't look good." Another one is looking for something different, and said, "Better when I change (my) career path."  Another respondent expressed a similar sentiment when they said, "Better upon getting out of trucking."

Yet another respondent looks to make an even bigger change in the new year, and said, "It will be great as I am retiring. 47 years of idiots in Washington. Goodbye."

Several respondents had politics in mind when they answered. One said, "Depends on who wins the election." Another said, "Same if we don't get a better leader." And a third offered, "Won't get better until Biden is out of office."

One offered a simple outlook when they said, "No clue."

Finally, one respondent offered a rather pessimistic view when they added, "I'm scared to contemplate the future!!"