Mitchell Headen: ‘He is my best friend’

Updated Sep 19, 2016

Mitchell Headen
Nominated by Dena Headen, Wife

1lmt-2I love my trucker husband because he is my best friend. I can count on Mitch when times are tough and in good times. He is always there with an encouraging word. My husband and I got married 12/13/14 we bought a truck in April, 2015. It’s not been the easiest year and a half but he always manages to make me smile. I love that he sends me a text just to say, “I love you baby.” I love that my trucker has made the choice to run the East Coast to be home every weekend. I know that’s a sacrifice of his sanity for our marriage. I love that he is a family man. He raised his kids and he is there for my teenagers. It takes a great man to step up and love another man’s kids. For that my trucker will always be my love. I love that he cooks, cleans, puts the toilet seat down (sometimes) I truly love that he’s a man I RESPECT. Most of all I love that I have the privilege of saying, “Yes he’s my husband.”

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