Paul Fry: “He’s truly my knight in shining armor”


Paul Fry
Nominated by Brigette Fry, Wife

paul-fryI love my trucker because regardless of how tough things get, he continues forward, making sure his family is always a priority. He has been dedicated to his family for 36 years. He has never failed when he committed to me 36 years ago that family comes first. Never missed a holiday or special occasion. He is a terrific dad, grandfather, brother, uncle, friend and husband. He has been driving truck for 46 years and has always been committed to his job, and getting the job done right. He’s a kind, sweet, dedicated, committed and hardworking man. He has achieved so much, and received so little from the industry, and it has never deterred him from giving 100 percent of himself. Yeah, I love my trucker. He’s truly my knight in shining armor.

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