Stephen Michaels: Improving the image of the trucker

Stephen Michaels
Nominated by John Maury

He exposes the world to the life of a semi driver. With his “Snowman” still camera and his live video camera, he shows viewers the daily life of a proud trucker and gives us an appreciation of the products we purchase each day and how they got there. He also shows the beautiful land we call the United States with his beautiful photos especially in western US.

It also shows the general public some of the problems a semi driver encounters daily, such as finding a place to park and sleep at night, mechanical breakdowns, weather delays, delays due to auto accidents. construction delays, refused loads, no trailers available, etc. I never knew a reefer trailer needed to be washed out between loads.

I go to the pool each morning and tell other people about his adventures and some of them have started watching and we discuss his adventures each morning. He has done alot to improve the image the public has about truckers.

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