Joe Schlotter: ‘Proud to call him a professional driver!’

Joe Schlotter
Nominated by Shannon Schlotter, Spouse

joe-schlotterI am so proud of Joe. Three years ago I finally agreed to let him fulfill his dream of buying his own truck. He has worked so hard and is profitable. That is something that a lot of startup owner/operators can’t say. He is proud of his ride and takes great care to make sure that it is in good running order and is safe for everyone around him. He has been a driver for 32 years. He is a safe driver. In the last thirteen years that I have known him, he has not put a scratch on a piece of equipment. He is a loving father and husband. Recently he was ill and off work for several months. That would have put most companies and families into financial hardship, but due to Joe’s business sense, the company and the family made it through. I love him and I am proud to call him a professional driver!