Charlie Redgrave: ‘Thank you, babe, for all your hard work’

Charlie Redgrave
Nominated by Michelle Redgrave, Wife

charlie-redgraveI love my trucker because not only is he a good driver and works hard for his family but he’s an amazing husband. I’ve never seen such a hard working, loyal and dedicated man like my husband. He works long hours but most importantly he loves what he does. This month makes a year that my trucker has been local and no longer over the road and home every night. I have enjoyed every moment of it. It’s not easy when they leave for long periods of time. My husband always has a helping hand with co-workers and I have even heard him while on the phone with him, helping other drivers while out there delivering his own loads each day. I am very proud of my husband and appreciate the long hours he works every day to support us, so I just want to say how much I love and appreciate him. Many nights he comes home so tired and gets back up after his 10 hour brake and is back at it again. Thank you, babe, for all your hard work, we all love you!

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